Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Double Date

So here's the thing about our house. It came with a Catherine and Natasha. Each of the girls is three weeks older than one of the boys. It's been interesting to watch how both of these very different friendships has developed. One I expect will be a life long friendship while one will likely sputter out as the kids head in different directions.

Anyway, testing my new blogger program is causing me to digress. The picture was snapped during hurricane Irene movie time. Of course they watched Ponyo (Japanese movie about a big storm).

More Updates

So the first day of preschool was a big hit. Little dude was plum tuckered out by five pm. Skipped dinner and conked out watching Davy Crockett.

New Blogger Software

So I know it only seems like my blogging is sporadic. The real story is that my blogging software doesn't always work from my phone. And apparently I am one of those people who does everything from her phone. Sigh.

Anyway, school has started. Jake is in Ms. Gragg's first grade class. Bog changes from kinder so we shall see how that goes. AJ started MMP and loves it; that transition will be our easy one this year.