Saturday, September 17, 2011

Birthday 3

Atticus had his third birthday today. It was a pirate party so I made a pirate ship cake.
Tons of fun, a treasure hunt, good times!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend Madness

Well, this weekend was just one of those moments where you either go with the flow or drown trying to swim upstream.

We had it all planned out. Saturday at 9 am the old fridge was to go, at 10 the new one was to come. Then the rest of the weekend was supposed to be calm and free. Ha!

The fridge delivery people showed up two hours early. They grumbled about having to move the old one. In their grumbling they pulled out the cap on the water hose for the ice maker. So we got flooded. Then the guy showed up to get the old one. Plus while all this madness was happening, a contractor who we had gotten a bid from (bid only!!) showed up and started building. By the time I noticed all this, I was bordering on tears. Apparently I can only manage two chaotic problems involving no more than four strangers, two kids, and one great Dane prior to coffee and putting on a bra. (no seriously, I was in my pjs at 8 am when this started).
Gus apparently stole some food that upset his tummy cause today he got wicked sick. And AJ painted war paint on his face with sharpie.

If anyone needs me I'll be under my blankie. Indefinitely.

Back in the Swing

Things here are back to busy! The boys are running around doing lots of things as Dave and I try and keep up. More later, gators!