Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankfully almost done

Dearly mistreated readers,
Are you still there? I know some of you are since I get all your emails asking if I have abandoned the blogasphere? No such luck for you! School has been hectic, kids have been hectic, husband has been hectic (at least when I see him he seems so), puppy has been, well, a puppy.

So what's new? Let's see... the term ends in a week, I have at least ten things left on my to do list for the semester, Dave's out of town, the kids are, all things considered, doing pretty well. Gus is Gus.

Thanksgiving was several days of food and family. All in all, a pretty good typical world around here. Everything is quiet right now, so of course instead of finishing off some much needed work, here I sit knitting a hat.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Amazon Subscriptions???

My previously beloved, and now down right worship worthy, sister in law told me about Amazon subscriptions. Am I the only mom out there who missed the memo? This is the greatest thing in the world!!! Basically you sign up on Amazon to buy the things you regularly need (and in our house run out of) from them. You can select how many and how often you want them delivered; then they deliver them. PLUS... shipping is free.... PLUS.. they give you an extra 15% off. You can cancel them whenever you want without penalty. Over ordered? No worries, you can skip a month. Didn't order enough? They can send more whenever you want.

I am so excited I might wet my pants....