Sunday, July 26, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg

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Aunt Andi is here. So we went to Colonial Williamsburg. It was lots of fun and I think I have a new way to get a nap in during the day...

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Friday, July 24, 2009

An actual update.....

Ok, so upon reading Jenny's blog it dawned on me that there are things one might want to know about what's going on with all of us that DON'T involve pictures of the boys. Yeah, I know that's probably not true but every once and a while I guess "stats" are fun. So here goes....

Atticus has finally attained the status of "on the chart." Since he was one week old he has been "off the charts" for height and weight. Shocking, I know. Anyway, a few weeks ago he had a pediatrican's appointment where he weighed in at a mear 24.4 lbs (down from the last visit by half a pound) and measured out at 31 inches. Both of these put him in the 95% mark. Whoopee. In other news, Atticus is walking around (sigh). Or more accurately it's step, step, step, plunk. Stand, step, step, plunk. Repeat endlessly. He's cutting his two top teeth this week and they will probably be thru by Monday. That will bring the total up to six teeth (currently we have three bottom teeth and one random off to the side top). Food continues to be a hit; current favs are peaches, scallops, eggs, zucchini, and guacamole. Sleep is improving; most nights I think he only wakes up once to nurse and once to bug me. :)

Jake has been spending most of his time either at preschool or in the garden. He loves the new school and the summer camp was definately a worthwhile experience for him. Sleep still seems to be a struggle for him but we are getting better answers; current theory is that there is an underlying sinus issue that is what is causing the night waking. He's still fascinated by weapons and knights, partcularly jedis. He has also become a total rock hound which is sorta amusing since he thinks everthing might be of too much value to leave behind.

Dave is working on a million things; he's back and forth to SC to check on projects (better him than me is all I can say) so things are certainly busy. He happened to get seated next to the captain of the UVA ruby team so as soon as he gets spikes he will be back on the pitch. While we are on the topic our local hospital is Martha Jefferson and they don't take visitors to the orthapedics wings past five. Not that I can ever imagine a time you would all need that info.

Me? I have absolutely no idea what I have done with my self for the past month. Chase kids, unpack, clean one room, unpack, go reclean that same room cause one of the boys decided to "powder it"so I could dust, etc. I am gearing up for the phd program that starts in a few weeks. Other than that, just busy. Happy and busy.

Ohh and Dilly- she's fine. We are currently at war over whether or not she can sleep on the new sofa. I say no. She says yes. Guess who is losing?

That's it folks. Now you know why I don't bother to give many details; we are boring!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

the answer is always Atticus.
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Boy people

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Wemt Peach picking...

We went to the orchard again and I finally remembered my camera.

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Atticus says.....

they grow on trees???

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At the peach orchard

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what the heck are you two doing???

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Labrador baby...

apparently will eat peaches till he pukes. Seriously, peaches were never meant for nasal passages.

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So apparently Monticello is a mile from our house. So after peach picking we went for a hike. Never made it to the house but I suspect it is not going anywhere...
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The Mill

After Monticello we went to the civil war center down the hill. Happy boy got to dress up as a soldier and hold weapons.

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Friday, July 17, 2009


Atticus takes a burst of water at the park....

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