Monday, January 31, 2011

So what's new here?

It's been a while. Nice to see you again blog people. Here's the skinny on us:

Dave- working working working! The TENURE packet (imagine scary music in the background while I say that) goes into the committee in a few months so he is a tad crazed with the work. Another data set comes in, another article goes out. Repeat. He was the worst effected by our recent bout of plague. It's funny how something happens and you learn something new about your husband. Case in point: Dave puking. In twelve years I have never seen nor heard of Dave vomitting. One would not forget such an occurrence. As Jakie described it when he awoke downstairs "Mommy, there's an ogre upstairs yelling and hammering to break in to our house." Apparently D is not a quiet sick person and actually punched the drywall while yakking. I would have thought after this many years there would be nothing I didn't know about him, but I can honestly say that I was surprised by his reaction to being ill. Seriously though (although I am dead serious re what Jake said and the dent in my dry wall), the poor guy was really sick. A few bowls of my mom's turkey soup (THANKS MOM!) and he seems to be almost back to finding me humorous.

Jakie- has started his children's engineering workshop and loves it. This week they are making and testing bridges that they made out of noodles. His design is a trestle type of bridge for some reason that I didn't fully catch. It involved some explanation regarding the weight of the bridge versus the weight it can hold. He was super bummed to be sick on Natasha's bday, but that's life.

Atticus- digging, digging, digging! Still obsessed with the diggers and tools. Atti laughs at everything and everyone. Pretty much we all exist to keep him amused. I think A was sick the longest, but he was definitely well before anyone else. He spent yesterday giggling and giving all of us dead people check ups and saying "tsk tsk, you need a shot."

Me- I am fine. Busy, busy, but otherwise fine. I am not so keen on being sick. Really I am a weenie. I have dropped all the bonus classes I signed up for this term so I am hoping to have a manageable load. We shall certainly see....

Gus- Mr Gus is big, drooly, and stupid. We adore him. I think last month when he was at the vet he was close to 130 lbs and 33 inches at the shoulder. Big big ball of drool...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Amazing center

Took the kids and friends to amazing center, a kiddo place in Lynchburg. Fun fun!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby Elmo

Auntie Kari lent Atti Mo's Elmo suit! Joy joy!!

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Ohio Visit

Jumped a quick flight to Ohio to meet Quinn. She's delicious! They only had to remove her from my bag once before I left!

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jake's New Story

Jacob’s Story- 1.2.11

Stomp in a Puddle to the Center of the Earth

Chapter 1

It was rainy, rainy, rainy outside. It was a slushy rain that was so cold there was slush. I wanted to go out to play. I got dressed, put on my rain gear, and told Mama I was going out to play.

“Don’t stomp in any puddles!” Mama said.

“Ok, Mama.”

Then I went outside. I was dancing in the rain when I suddenly saw the biggest, juiciest puddle ever. The puddle was twenty feet around, and the water inside was muddy and creamy and totally brown. I just felt I had to jump in the puddle. I bent my knees, got into my best position scrunched down and together, and I jumped. I flew down towards the puddle. But something was wrong. My feet didn’t hit the ground. They just kept moving down. Quickly I was totally under water. I felt scared and excited at the same time.

Suddenly I hit land. I was holding my breath and pinching my nose for so long. When I finally was on the land, I gasped and fainted.

When I woke up I was surprised to find myself laying in a giant evergreen forest. I hiked into the forest of evergreens. Suddenly I saw a cute little dinosaur with fluffy little feathery feet. I took that fluffy little dinosaur with me on my journey back to the surface of the Earth.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ice Skating

Took the boys ice skating two days ago. It was awesome! Jake was his ever "I'm the best at everything" can do self. Atticus was his "why the heck are you making me do this?"typical self.

YouTube Video

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Sharing is Good

One rose tea milkshake split three ways.

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And so it starts...

Atti's first thoughts on skiing.

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