Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jacob's Birthday Party

 For Jacob's seventh birthday he asked for a Harry Potter party.  We had tons of magical games and activities for the kids.

During the party Jacob got sorted into Gryffindor, after much deliberation on the part of the sorting hate.

After the sorting it was time for the banquet and then classes.

It was a busy and fun day for everyone.

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The Banquet and Herbology

 Our house elf was lazy and ordered pizza for the banquet.  The pumpkin juice was constantly changing colors.

After the banquet the kids quickly went off to Charms where they learned to levitate a feather with their new wands.
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 For the Potions class the kids got to try out spherication. They took Phoneix tears (honey solution with sodium alginate) and soaked it in Araculmentula Venom (calcium bath) which created little jelly balls of honey.
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Party continued

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