Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Mommy can't take your call; please try again later."

So I had a crud load of dental work done over the last two days. Yesterday was fine, but today my sweet and caring dentist seems to have channelled the Marquis de Sade. He warned that I might "feel a little soreness or temperature sensitivity. He failed to mention that my brain would slowly ooze out my ear and that all hopes and prayers I had for such novel tasks as talking (yes, Dave's amused I can't really talk), eating, drinking, and not drooling would be forever gone.

Now I am not exactly a wuss when it comes to pain. I birthed a nine pound baby without meds and stated that it was the easiest and most perfect birth ever (still feel that way). I had my wisdom teeth pulled and drove from the dentist's office to Vegas with Andi and Dave and didn't miss a beat. Hell, last week I screwed up one of my pinkies carving bamboo with the kids and I taped that sucker with Duct tape (Dad would have loved that one!) and a spare piece of bamboo. I am a bad ass mama of two boys! Or so I thought....

I am currently sitting on the couch, drool cup on one side and computer on the other. Gus keeps looking up at me with this "Who are you to judge me?" look. Yes, even the Dane thinks I drool more than him. And honestly, I don't care about the drool, but being able to breath without air hurting my teeth would be really great.

I understand that preventive care is important but I cannot imagine that any horrid, tooth destroying ickiness could possibly hurt this much. Next time I am totally letting them fall out on their own.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ahh, Calgon Take Me Away!

Ok, so the gremlins are asleep, Dave is working on something or another, and Gus is sleeping curled up at my feet. Heeheehee, I think to myself; I shall sneak off and (drum roll, please) take a bath without interuption. I quickly and silently steal upstairs. I run the water as quietly as possible, hoping that I don't alert one the MALE types to my impending pleasure and tranquility...
Oooooo, bath salts- DEFINATE YES! I have been saving these since we were in Hawaii last. Can't find a lighter, so I 86 the idea of a candle. The bathroom was just cleaned by the magical cleaning lady who shows up once a month to wag her head at me in disgust (which is why I try to never be the one home when she comes) and make everything girl-ish and clean. The towels are neat AND folded.

I descend into hot, liquid goodness. Lather my hair with my favorite organic shampoo. And then I hear it.

The lumbering sounds of Gus coming up the stairs. Ok, I think to myself, it could be A LOT worse. A gremlin could have awoken or something else truly disruptive. He whines at the door. I hop out of the tub, peek out the door to confirm that it is in fact the dog whining to come in and hang out (the other three pull the same routine), and let the fella in. BIG MISTAKE.

As I slip back into my tub to rinse my hair, Gus decides that bathtime looks like fun. And he dives right on top of me. In case you missed an important detail about Gus, he's a freaking Great Dane! A four month old one, but a Dane none the less,weighing in at 54 lbs at his four month check up. You might hope for my sake that he found bath time horrid and hopped right out. leaving me scratched up but alone for the remainder of my sweet bath time. No. He laid down right on top of me, nose to nose, and alternated between drinking the bath water and licking my face.

It was about as relaxing as dancing with a hornets nest, but much funnier. At least for Dave, who came in to see what the rucus was all about and almost fell down when he saw what was happening.

I never realized before that Marmaduke was non-fiction....

PS- I wanted a golden doodle....

All Sorts of Surprises!

I know, I know.... no blog action for weeks, nay months, except for quick picture uploads. Sorry folks. I have been busy. But the coming year (yes, I am thirty something and the year is still defined by school) will bring all sorts of changes! The blog layout just makes it easier for my non-family followers (Oh, loyal and faithful mommy friends!) to skip the fluff and get straight to my humor.
Yes family readers, there are those out there who find my little blog both cute and amusing!

Home Safe and Sound

Post climb- some very happy boys
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Climbing with the Craigs

We took Jake and Atticus for their first rock climb today. The bottom picture shows the last climb which was pretty steep. It was a mile hike in and out and they did great!
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Spear Fishing

There was also some spear fishing...
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Rock Climbing

We took the boys climbing today for the first time. They did awesome!
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shameless Bragging....

I won't brag about the little boys cause that's tacky (although, Jake did teach Atticus to count to three ;) ) BUT I am definitely going to brag about the big guy. David has had a HUGE article published in Science this week. Yes, that SCIENCE (AKA- BFD Science). It's huge and awesome and they are now looking to put him on the review board for their education forum.
Also, he has been named associate editor of the Frontier Journal of Educational Psychology.

And, last but not least, he had his next two articles accepted at top tier journals.'s too bad I am married to a lazy bastard....
WAY TO GO, DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(the joke is that he is so busy that it will be October before he sees this...)

Aunti Andi's visit

Andi was here for the past week. Lots of trips to pools, peach picking, marshmellow making, and the water park.

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More water!!!

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Lots of sliding...

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Playing dress up...

No one does sparkle makeup like Auntie Andi
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Just a typical fancy Saturday

Apparently it was dress up day around these parts. Everyone got their best sparkles on!
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sickie Update

What a long week it has been here. Here's the round up, for those of you with some or none of this info...
Last week Atticus was in the ER. They thought it was appendicitis, but realizing that I couldn't spell that, we switched to a diagnosis of a really nasty virus which caused him to spike fevers of 105 and up. Good times. A few hours and IV fluids later and we were on our way home with strict instructions. Apparently one directive that the Dr gave little monkey man was to make sure mommy didn't sleep for several days. Mission accomplished.

Then Jakie got it. Not as nasty for the bigger kid but still feverish and whining all day and night. Poor lamb; had I slept I might have felt empathy.

On top of that Auntie Andi is visiting this week, which has been a total god send since now mamacita has this nastiness. EWWWW....

Other than cootie patrol, it's been a busy week. Kids made marsh mellows with Andi and so forth.

Pictures sometime next week.

off to nap,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bang! Boom! Ratatat

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Happy Fourth

We watched the fireworks from our porch and had a lovely 4th of July. Atticus fell asleep before fireworks which was too bad but otherwise everything was great. Gus didn't give two hoots about the fireworks.

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